Daniel Schäffler & Timo Lüttmann

Their Story

As children, Daniel and Timo watched videos of the Hanover Firework Championships. Their shared dream was to one day have the chance to compete in an international fireworks competition. Now that dream is becoming a reality.

Their Background

Daniel and Timo met in 2009 at a national consumer fireworks pyromusical competition. This was Timo’s first competition, and Daniel was one of the jurors. They noticed a shared a passion for the pyro at this annual competition, which led them to visiting fireworks events throughout Europe…together.

Since 2017, the men have combined their choreography and shooting strengths to create spectacular productions. This was a starting point for their partnership, which was formalized in 2021 with the founding of their own company ToF Feuerwerk (www.facebook.com/tof.feuerwerk.) 

Daniel and Timo say their main goal is simple: “to spark emotions with each of their shows by painting a harmony of fireworks and music in the night sky and making our passion for fireworks visible for everyone watching.”

Their Show

According to the duo, “‘Carry On’ is a pyromusical about destiny, confusion, grief, and trying to find your way back up again. Four songs representing each of these feelings come together in a breathtaking ride of melody, color, and emotion…leading to one big message: we will carry on.”

Their PyroJam Win

“We’ve always dreamed of designing and shooting a show this big and hoped to achieve it someday. The opportunity we have with the PyroJam competition still feels unreal, and we’re so thankful to be a part of this wonderful event. This is really a dream come true for us, one which we might not fully realize until we’re standing in the shooting area.”

Their Wish

After watching their PyroJam pyromusical, both Daniel and Timo want the audience to feel “touched.”